Thursday, April 14, 2011

lucky draw at 3f's


jom join!!

here's what you need to do:

1. choose which of the above that you would like to get as your gift (one of the five items)

2. leave your comment stating your choice of gift, name & e-mail address

3. everyone will get one chance of lucky draw, but for those with blog who write an entry or twit about this lucky draw and link the entry to this post will get to choose two gifts. if you write an entry or twit, (in malay or english) please leave your url too tau lovelies..

4. and owh this lucky draw thingy is solely for 3f's followers from today till april 26th, 2011 ya. tq lovelies

jom join ramai2. mana tau anda bertuah, ye dak? sila pilih hadiah yang anda inginkan, salah satu je okay! dan komen kat entry blog beliau!

good luck!!

klik SINI untuk join!

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