Friday, June 10, 2011

Contest of fasham Blog


jom join GA ni!

For the second time from fasham blog diwujudkan

Fasham presented

the second contest

to spice up the spirit of competition for

contest in the blog world

** so i want to do my second contest...

Rules :
  1. Have to be follower of this blog fasham blog ( and my other blogSarangHeartBeat (
  2. You just have to copy that i have highlighted red and the picture..simple and easy
  3. tag 2 people that have blog/wordpress than make sure they know they have been tag
  4. after done making your entry than post the link on the comment of this entry only
*P/s : Hadiah tak ditentukan lagi ia mengikut penyertaan...

tarikh tutup: 20/6/2011


faiq roslan
noor liana

klik SINI untuk join!

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